On n-1-absorbing primary ideals

Gulsen Ulucak; Sakineh Babaei; Esra Sengelen Sevim;


The paper aims to present a new primary ideal in a commutative ring R with nonzero identity element. We introduce the new primary ideal as an n-1-absorbing primary ideal that is a generalization of both primary and 1-absorbing primary ideals. We propose to achieve two goals with this paper. Firstly, we study and characterize some essential properties of an n-1-absorbing primary ideals and figure out the relations between the other types of ideals such as prime, 1-absorbing primary and irreducible ideals. Then, we classify some special rings that admit an n-1-absorbing primary ideal. We provide the results by introducing some examples.

Vol. 25 (2024), No. 1, pp. 509-522

Download: MMN-4267